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Vaginal Laser Therapy

If you’re suffering from uncomfortable vaginal conditions, either before, during, or after menopause and other treatments haven’t helped, maybe it’s time to consider vaginal laser therapy. OB/GYN physicians Dr. Susan O’Toole and Dr. Jennifer Tomas help women from the Georgian Bay area find relief with MonaLisa Touch® laser technology at Collingwood Vitality Laser Clinic in Ontario. Call today or request an appointment online for a personalized consultation.

Vaginal Laser Therapy Q & A

What is vaginal laser therapy?

Vaginal laser therapy is an innovative, painless and minimally-invasive treatment that can help treat various gynecological conditions. The laser stimulates the production of collagen, the most abundant protein in your body, to help restore balance and stimulate healing.

Laser therapy is an option to treat conditions arising from low estrogen levels after childbirth and menopause.  It is effective for several women’s health issues, including:

  • Menopausal vaginal dryness and pain (vulvovaginal atrophy)

  • Mild urinary incontinence

  • Vaginal itching

  • Painful urination (dysuria)

  • Uncomfortable, thin, white patches on your vulva (lichen sclerosus)

  • Painful intercourse (dyspareunia)

What are the benefits of vaginal laser therapy?

In additional to it's excellent symptom improvement, vaginal laser therapy has many significant benefits. It’s:

  • Non-surgical

  • Virtually painless

  • Safe

  • Quick (short treatments with little to no recovery time)

  • Effective (increases lubrication, reduces pain and rejuvenates tissue)

How does vaginal laser therapy work?

At Collingwood Vitality Laser Clinic, the only brand of vaginal laser therapy used is the highly acclaimed MonaLisa Touch® system. Dr. O’Toole and Dr. Tomas apply a cooling gel to create numbness, so no local or general anesthesia is needed.

The concentrated, high-frequency light energy regenerates collagen, stimulates elastin production and increases blood flow and blood vessel formation (vascularization). Hydration and pH are restored to healthy levels, and your urethral opening strengthens. Epithelium becomes thicker and more elastic, which reduces or eliminates infection rates and pain during intercourse.

Each treatment takes just five minutes, so you’re in and out of the office quickly.

Does vaginal laser therapy hurt?

Most women feel no pain. There may be slight discomfort caused by the probe or by the energy delivered to the region.

What is recovery like for vaginal laser therapy?

Minor side effects like vaginal bleeding or discharge may occur for two or three days. It’s a good idea to abstain from sexual activity during this short recovery period.

For best results, you should repeat the procedure three times at six-week intervals. After that, once a year is all you’ll need.

To see if you’re a good candidate for vaginal laser therapy, call or request an appointment online now.

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