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Vaginal Dryness and Irritation

If you frequently experience vaginal dryness and irritation, it’s time to consult an Ob/Gyn like Dr. Jennifer Tomas or Dr. Susan O’Toole in Collingwood, Ontario for an accurate diagnosis. Call Collingwood Vitality Laser Clinic to schedule a complete gynecological evaluation and discussion about treatment options.

Vaginal Dryness and Irritation Q & A

What is vaginal dryness and irritation?

The reduction or loss of your vagina’s natural lubricant production causes vaginal dryness and irritation.  This is usually caused by estrogen deficiency after menopause and childbirth. Symptoms may include a burning sensation, itching or pain during intercourse.

What causes vaginal dryness?

There are many physical causes of vaginal dryness and irritation:

  • Estrogen deficiency, especially with menopause

  • Breastfeeding and childbirth

  • Chemotherapy and radiation

  • Medications that lower estrogen levels

  • Some antidepressants and allergy/cold medications

  • Intercourse with insufficient lubrication

  • Frequent douching

How is vaginal dryness diagnosed?

With their expertise and years of experience, Dr. Tomas and Dr. O’Toole can help determine what’s causing your vaginal dryness and help you regain the lifestyle you want. A detailed assessment and physical exam can determine the best treatment options for you.

What are treatment options for vaginal dryness?

Many options may help prevent or reduce vaginal dryness and irritation, including:

  • Vaginal estrogen therapy (creams and tablets)

  • Topical lubricants and moisturizers

  • Vaginal laser therapy

Dr. O’Toole and Dr. Tomas may first advise trying over-the-counter options, and they may discuss other options that fit comfortably into your lifestyle and preferences.

How does laser therapy treat vaginal dryness?

One option may be vaginal laser therapy using state-of-art technology. This leading-edge technique is a safe, nonsurgical service that takes just five minutes per treatment.

The system stimulates the production of collagen to help restore balance and stimulate healing processes in vaginal tissues. Many women have found hope and an improved quality of life thanks to this approach and the compassionate care they’ve received from the Ob/Gyn specialists at Collingwood Vitality Laser Clinic.

Don’t wait another day to start exploring paths to relief. Call today to schedule your appointment.

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