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Prepare For Your Appointment

Dr. O’Toole and Dr. Tomas are committed to giving you a thorough gynecologic assessment to determine the best treatment options for you. In order to do so, they will be reviewing your full medical history, including medical conditions, previous surgeries, and childbirth history. Please bring both a list of your medications (or the medication bottles themselves) and allergies to assist with your assessment.

We welcome you to contact us directly for an appointment, however, we would prefer that you also get a referral from your family physician. This ensures that we have good communication with your family doctor and a summary of your medical history, which assists us during your initial evaluation.

Your initial assessment may be covered by OHIP. Please bring your valid Ontario health card to your first appointment.

Vaginal laser therapy has been approved by Health Canada as a new medical treatment for the Genitourinary syndrome of menopause. However, it is not covered by governmental provincial health plans. If you have a private health services plan or extended health insurance check with your provider to see if this treatment is covered. If not, we have partnered with Medicard to offer patient financing options. Please see the Resources-Financing section for more information.

On the day of your laser treatments, please shower or bathe in the morning so that the area to be treated is clean. Please do not use any vaginal or topical creams or moisturizers for 24-48 hours before, as this may interfere with the laser treatment. Please abstain from intercourse 48 hours before your laser treatment.

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